How to use af temporary table

I have a global like this : Name : recTemp, DataType : Record, SubType : Customer Property : Temporary = Yes. Now I have a dataitem “Customer”, and in the section “OnAfterGetRecord()” I have this code : IF “Country Code” = ‘BE’ THEN BEGIN recTemp.COPY(Customer); recTemp.INSERT; END; So far - so good… How do I read my new temporary table, and print some stuff on a section ??? I’ve tried to make a new DataItem called recTemp, but this is not allowed. Then I tried to have a DataItem “Integer”, with maxiteration 1, and here I cound make the code : IF recTemp.FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT bla-bla-bla UNTIL recTemp.NEXT = 0; BUT - Now I don’t have a section to put the printing on…

The “Integer” data item does not have a MaxIteration, instead its OnPreDataItem trigger looks like SETRANGE(Number, 1, recTemp.COUNT); and its OnAfterGetRecord trigger: IF Number = 1 THEN recTemp.FIND(’-’) ELSE recTemp.NEXT; You can then print the values of recTemp in the Body section of the Integer data item with as the source expression of text box controls.

So if yo add a box on your report and put rectemp.“No.” on the source expression nothing shows ? Sure your temp table is populated ? Shouldn’t you be using Transferfields in stead of that copy command ?