How to use a Single table with two card pages?

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I want to know that can we use a table with two card pages in the Business Central AL Language code?

I’m new in this field and facing issues regarding these. I have a table and made two card pages on that table one has the functionality to edit, insert, and delete while the other card page has the functionality of showing data. I want to link these both with the single table so that i will not change the data or store it from one table field to other table field. Please answer my question if you know.

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I have another question for you - why do you need to use 2 pages (1 for “changes” and another - for view only) instead of user Role permission functionality? And if you need to show a different view you can “setup” (develop) it on 1 page.

Thank You! Got it

I have another question if you can answer please answer. I when inserting data on the new card page of the list part side. Whenever I click on the Insert button to add the data in new card page it shows the previous data of the list part automatically in the new card. I want the properties to be null but it is not happening if you know kindly help. Thank You