How to upload management certification to Azure

Hello Everyone ,

I am going to deploy AX2012 R3 on Microsoft Azure. I have downloaded the Azure Management Certificate and now i am going to upload that certificate on Azure . I logged on on Azure management Portal but i am not able to see the option for " Management Certificate" where i can upload downloaded certificate.

here i attach Azure portal screenshot showing my subscription .

is this subscription is enough to access Dynamics Ax environment ? please help me out . thanks in Advance …its really Urgent!!

What’s you’re looking at is just a list of your subscription. You would have to click on the particular subscription to open its details.

Nevertheless I think that you need to go to and choose Settings > Management certificates there.

but there is no option for setting >management certificate

what should be the reason ?? … see screenshot of my Azure Portal …please help

Please read my message again - it’s about Settings > Management certificates on a different Azure portal.

ok , but when i clicking your Link , the same portal opens and there is no setting> Management certificate .

That really shouldn’t; it’s a completely different page. I’m sorry, but I can’t say why you can’t reach It all works for me.


is it possible that i have another subscription “Pay-as- you-go” and you have something “Visual studio ultimate with …” ?
that why i have different Azure Interface ?

It doesn’t matter; you would simply see a different name there. Everybody needs access to the original portal, because some feature aren’t available through

I can’t help you. Either you don’t do it right, or you have a problem with Azure and you need to go to an Azure forum or Azure support.