How to Upload .EXE/.DLL file in Table BLOB Field in NAV 2013 R2


We are in process of upgrading our add on from NAV 2009 to NAV 2013 R2 and stuck at one points as in NAV 2009 we use external EXE/DLL for password encrypation and for converting the picture from JPEG to BMP and we used IMPORT method to upload the files in tables fields

In NAV 2013 R2 we can not use IMPORT method as it is obsolete

Is there any way to import the file in table BLOB field.?


Hi Amol,

Please see if you can use the functions from the codeunit 419 File management in navision 2013.

It has several functions extensively designed for blob import and exports and file management related functions which are compatible for rtc.

Please let me know if this helps.


I found the solution for above problem .

I uploaded the file using CreateoutStream and Createinstream.

Dear Sir,

How can i perform the same task in nav 2009 r2.
I created one table and in that i created 2 fields
image code (code :10)
image (blob)
please help how to import image in table.