how to upload csv file form Xml port in NAV 2013

Hello All,

I have created an xml port, now when iam uploading the data the whole data is coming in single line instead to different ,different line. now my question is how to terminate the line so that data comes in sequence manner.

Format : variable Text

Field Delimiter : <">

Field Separator :

Record Separator : <>

Tableseprator :<>



Hope your file is saved as Tab delimited file

Check the CSV file …

From past experience with dataport objects, I recall that the Field Separator property is case-sensitive. This may not solve all of your problems, but it’s a start … try using instead of .


If you want to import a normal CSV-file, then you should set FieldSeparator to “<,>” - not or .

Hi Shailesh,

As Erik suggests, there’s nothing at all wrong with using a comma as a field separator. There is one caveat though in the case where you’re using Excel to create the csv file. If you have a column that includes a decimal or integer value in excess of 999, sometimes Excel automatically includes a comma in the format expression for the cell. For example, the value 1100 might be written to file as 1,100. The presence of this extra comma will definitely cause problems for Navision as it attempts to distinguish one column from the next. Again, it’s not an inherent problem with the comma as a field separator, but it is something that could cause problems that you might not expect to see.