How to update the recently added items to the existing employee

Hi All, I have created a “Skill Master” in which different skills sets can be added.the ‘skill master’ consists on only one field which of type “String” and marked to EDT- String255. And i have a from for this skill master in which new skill can be added if needed In Employee Master,i have a tab which lists all the skills(in a grid) from which the employee can select the skills he/she has worked on.And when a new employee is created the list of skills are added automatically for that employee. My query is that,how to display the skills which are newly added?(since the list of skills are added at the time of employee creation). For EX: currently i have 3 skills in my skill master and i have created an employee named ‘Jack’(who will be having all the 3 skills in his list). Now i’m adding two more skills and now my skill master will have 5 recs…but how to update the newly added two skills for employee 'Jack’without deleting the previously added skills… Please help with your suggestions Regards, Rajee