How to Update Flowfield in header from Sub Form?

Hi all, I am working in sales order application area. It is customised to show total impressions, total amount (both flow fields) and discount value in header level. Whenever there is change in impressions and amount fields in the subform, I want to update the flow fields (header) and also update a field discount amount based on the new values entered in subform. I want to do this without leaving the sub form. I have written code in onvalidate trigger of Impressions and amount in subform. When I calculate the flow field, it shows old figure (not the updated figure). Since the code is written in the Line form, I don’t know how to update the header flow fields and other fields(other fields will be calculated based on the value in flow fields.) Can any one help?

Try the OnTimer property on the main form. And write something like CurrForm.UPDATE in the OnTimer trigger.

This question is asked every month i guess. Can you please seacrh the forum before posting? Is it so complicated?

The subform isn’t aware that it is a subform so it’s just not possible. The timer solution isn’t that nice either. The only way is to place the total inside the subform, but it doesn’t look nice.

Thanks guys. I tried maximum. There is no way to update header from sub form. Lars Westman, I have put variables in sub form and update header table. I knew this method, but not happy. Anyway there is no other option and I’ve to move on. Thanks.

It can be done - Look here: →