How to Update all reports Qty value number of decimals from 2 to 5 in AX 2012 R3

Hi DAX Experts,

Good afternoon!

Please note that i have recently updated the QTY and BOMQTY EDTs properties > number of decimal values to 5 digits. So all the module forms are showing 5 decimals for QTY value.

Now i have checked some reports for example Inventory management > Setup > Status > Inventory value > Inventory value report which is still showing 2 digits for Qty value display.

same for invent aging report,

Can any one give me suggestion to update all modules AX reports where ever the QTY is used we have to make number of decimals up to 5 digits.

Appreciated for the answers!



How about the other reports?

I think, you also need to check the format of the controls in the report design. (Format property of the text box)

Hi Kranthi,

Many thanks for your suggestion. I have checked the report design particular column property it was present like N.


I have changed into Number and Number of decimals allowed 5 and deployed the report.

Now my report is showing 5 decimals. Thank you very much!!