How to "UNHOLD" number sequence?

I am trying to clear/delete the old journal in GL module, but got error. The error is “Number sequence GLJE01 09A is on hold.” Please advise…

Go to Basic > Setup > Number sequences > Number sequences, find the right number number sequence and untick Stopped on the General tab. It may be also useful to look into Basic > Setup > Number sequences > References to understand what the sequence relates to.

Thanks Martin [:D]

Hi Martin,

I have another problem after I able to delete GLJE01 09A, when I want to create a new journal, it has follow the old number sequence. For example:

The journal number should be 13-XXXXXX (year 2013) but now, it become 09-XXXXXX (year 2009). I try to tick back the “Stopped” option, but it still can’t solve my problem. Please advise.