How to translate Home Page on RTC?

Hi, all. We’re working on translation of RTC. We have some success and now just need to translate RTC texts like Activities, Cues, so on in the Home Page and Role Center Page. How can i change this texts? Is there anybody tried that?

Hi Ariuka,

Translating RTC strings is the same like translating any other (UI) strings.


  1. You export the UI strings from C/SIDE through Tools > Translate > Export
  2. Import these strings in a translation tool (see Tools to Translate UI - a Quest)
  3. Perform the translation in that tool
  4. Export the translation from the tool
  5. Import the translation into NAV through Tools > Translate > Import

Some more tips here:

  • Translate Export vs. Language Module
  • How-to: Efficiently Translate UI.
  • How-to: Reset Object Properties After Importing a UI Translation

Of course you can add captions for any language through C/SIDE (by opening an object in design mode and start filling captions with the translation for your language), but that is a very inefficient way. Using a translation tool will be far more efficient.

Thanks very much for your efficient suggestion. I’ve tried OM Translation tool and it is useful as you said. Thank you, Luc.

Hi all.

Now we are using RTC in mongolian 90 percent… We translated most UIs which includes cues, activities, fact boxes… But we couldn’t translate Home page, Journals, Posted Documents menus… how we can design this menus? Any suggestion will be appreciated… thank you.

Hi Ariuka,

I am not 100% certain I do understand the remaining issue. Could you please provide some screen shots of screen (parts) that still show ENU strings?

In the Navigation Pane, i could not able to translate menu lists except Departments …

As asked please add a screen shot (or more).