How to track ?

Hi all,

Suppose I’m receiving some amount from Vendor via Cash Receipt Journal.

If received amount is against some posted invoice than How to track them??


Why would your supplier give you money?[:)]

Isn’t a vendor someone that you pay? And a customer someone that pays you? In standard NAV you can not issue a sales-invoice to a vendor.

All right - you may post payments directly from a vendor (credit), but you have to omit the Document Type. And you can not apply the payment to a sales-invoice.

I guess that you have some relation that is a customer and a vendor at the same time - quite common here. Our advice is to have a customer-account and a vendor-account. Perhaps those two account have same identification (number), but beside that there are no connections between thos two tables. Then it is possible to create a batch that reads open ledger entries from both accounts and post the one account closest to zero to zero and use the other one a balance-account. [;)]

You have never returned something to a store for a refund?

As Daniel said, not uncommon at all.

I can see two ways to do this.

  • Either I would do it be creating a purchase credit memo. Here I would register it against a g/l account. And then I would register the amount in the Cash Receipt Journal and apply the amount to the credit memo.
  • Alternatively you can do it all in the credit memo. Let’s say the amount you receive is 100 USD (no sales tax). Then I would post it like this:
    G/L Account for Purchase Returns Credit 100 Line Type Invoice
    Vendor Account Debit 100 Line Type Invoice
    G/L Account Cash Debit 100 Line Type Payment
    Vendor Account Credit 100 Line Type Payment