How to track who access the closed period in AX 2009?

Hi every1,

this mrng Oct 2, 2013, I just open the periods in AX. (normally we open the period every 2nd working day of the month) .Yesterday, Oct 1, 2013 someone in production department posted transaction in Oct 2013. Previously, NO ONE can post transaction to a period that is still closed. Question: How come that someone can able to post transaction to a closed period? how can I track who open the October 2013 period?

please advise.

Thank You

Calendar>In Module access level tab, pls check whether the “production” module is also set to “All”. If it is not set to All then it’s open for Production team. Just check that.

Going forward I suggest to use the database log functionality to trace who opened the period.

Dear Santosh,

Thank you so much for you suggestions. its really helpful.