how to track the input in the request field

Hi All,

I have a report from a table. When user runs the report, he put the date and location code.

Then the report will show the result. Here, report shows zero pages if the ‘location code and date’ does not

exists in the table. Instead of this, I need the user inform him that there is no data in the table for the input he given.

How can I track the user entries in the request form? so that, I can put condition in my code and give a customized

message to the user that ‘this records does not exists in the table’ ??.

Please help.


Abdul Rahman

Whenever user enter the data in request form that time only you need to check data in table and display condition.

You can test to determine whether the user has filtered the dataset down to zero records by putting a statement in the OnPreDataItem trigger for the primary DataItem. You can use the COUNT function to return the number of records in the filtered dataset if you need to know the exact number of records, or you can use the ISEMPTY function in the same trigger to simply determine whether the recordset has any records in it.

The best way to inspect the values that the user entered in the filter list section of the request form/page is by using the GETFILTERS function. This function will return a string that contains a list of all of the fields that have filters on them, as well as the filter expression for each field. Another option would be the GETFILTER function, which will return the filter expression for individual fields. This is a nice option if you don’t want to parse the return string from the GETFILTERS function, but since the GETFILTER function only works on one field at a time, you would have to run the function for every field in the table to be sure that you capture all of the filtered fields. One caveat on both of these functions … they’re sensitive to the FILTERGROUP value. It’s not typically an issue for reports that are run directly from a Role Center page or an old menu form, but reports that are launched from Action Items or Menu Items on Card or List forms that serve to run the report based on the current record in the page or form, then the DataItem will also likely have filters set in FILTERGROUP 2. It probably doesn’t apply to your current question, but might be something you’d want to keep in mind.


Thank you George. That contributed little help for the development.



Amol, thanks for your concern.