How to track Non Stock items in AX 2012R3

Hi All,

In my company , procurement team bye something for internal use. lets assume some stationary for internal use and in mention in inventory but i want to track the availability. i am not able to checking the availability in on hand inventory because i am mention in this item as a Non-stock product in inventory model group.

How can we do in AX 2012 R3 . any one suggest me as soon as possible.

Hi Subrat,

As far as I know, when an item is marked as non-stocked product, you can’t track the physical on-hand inventory. You need to change the Item model group. but be careful, if the item already have some transaction then again its a challenge.

Let me know if you get any workaround.

There is no workaround, if you want to track stock it is not a non-stocked item. You need to stock it and track it to enable the visibility of on hand stock.