How To Take Backup Of The Customization In Axapta

Hello Pioneers,

How to take backup of the customization in Axapta ? I am looking for the method, other than exporting XPO.

Option 1 xpo:

XPO is an export and import from the AOT. This does not take the ids with it. It is generated on import. You generally (I used this word loosly) can get away with compiling the object you imported etc.

This is not a proper release procedure. It is a quick fix for a particular problem and generally done between dev and test environments. Not recommended for production.

Option 2 model:

This is an export and import using the commands. This moves the specific model. This can be used to release into production. Full compile, sycn, CIL compile is required - this can take time. Ids are generated when model is imported. If the object already exists, id is not regenerated.

Option 3 model store:

Model store export and import using the commands. This moves the whole application over. Since you are moving everything, no compile is required.You have to be careful as this takes the ids from the exported environment. You could have data loss.

This link would help you in model concepts:

Hi Vishal,

**Option 1 xpo:**XPO can be imported directly

but for Option 2 model: and Option 3 model store: How to export a model in dev environment of AX and import the customizations in to Production. Is there any commands ?


Santhosh Kumar

Santhosh, familiarize yourself with Deploying Customizations Across Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Environments before you even start planning the process.

More about the commands can be found here.