How to take back up from AXapta application

Hi ,

As a functional consultant , i need to take the daily backup from AX 2009 .( not on SQL server)

Can you explain please .


If want to take the data backup then follow the below procedure and by means of this you can take the backup of the compnay data in which you currently working on

  • Goto Administration module
  • Under periodic
  • expand Data export/import menu
  • in that select ‘Export to’
  • give the location where you want to store the data

after this procedure the system will generate 2 files (DAT and DEF)



Thanks kumaran ,

When i click the export , does system will take the backup including all tables or specific tables ?

what is the difference between DAT and DEF ?

please let me know .

Why do you want to do this?

The system does not strictly take a backup no, there are no objects, this is purely DATA.

DAT holds the data, DEF holds the definition of the tables exported/imported.

Thanks for the reply adam ,

i am new to AX , just i would like to know the backup process.

why it is exporting two files like DAT and DEF ?( As FC i want to know that )

Can you tell me if i want to restore the backup , which file i need to consider ( DATA or DEF ) ?


Do not call it a backup and restore though, this is only performed as a SQL backup which is an actual backup, what you are doing is exporting the data, no more and no less - do not consider it a backup.

Hi Ameen,

To export / import data from within AX, definition groups approach should be used. ( This will only export / import data.

For a thorough backup including codebase, this article should be of help

Thanks Adam ,

what we need to consider the above file ?

A data export