How to take Application and database backup in ax 2009?


How to take application and Database pack up in ax 2009?

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For DB backup, use usual tools for your database management system (e.g. Backup Overview (SQL Server)). An application backup means backing up files from the AX application folder (especially .aod and .ald files).

You’ll find some basic information in Planning backup and disaster recovery.

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Dynamics AX Database backup is same like SQL server database backup or its differ .

If you use SQL Server as your DB backend, AX database is a SQL Server database.

Thanks martin. am using SQL.

How and where to change the Database name in ax 2009 connections string? then i want to restore live server application to test server. shall i replace the total Application folder or else change some files only… please can you explain?

  1. Use the Server Configuration Utility. The Server and Database Administration Guide for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 contains a chapter called Connect an Application Object Server instance to a different database - it’s what you’re looking for, isn’t it? You really should read through the documentation to understand fundamentals like this.
  2. You have many options, including duplicating the whole server, for example. The most common scenario is installing a new AX environment and copying code and labels (.aod, .ald), but it depends on what you have in the live application folder. If you have a custom DLL there (used by X++ code), for example, you’ll need it in the test application as well.