How to Synchronize windows and sql server database logins in Dynamics NAV


I have installed Dynamics Nav 2009 along with Microsoft sql server 2005.

I have connected to the Demo Database in NAV.

It is not allowing me to create any object like form, report code unit etc.

it is giving error i.e." you do not permission to create form, contact your system administrator to have permission changed. "

Also when I open windows Logins it is allowing me to assign role i assigned as super user.

when I open Database Logins it is not allowing me to create any role when I am closing it is giving the error given below

" The Microsoft Dynamics NAV classic and Sql server security systems have not been successfully synchronized.

The sql server login SMTECH\SAMI does not exists on the SMTECH server ".

what is the problem I dont know.

Please give me the Solution.


What license are you using?

The license I am using is Cronus International Ltd. (Demo Database).

How to use this demo data in creating reports,forms etc.

Navision software is not allowing me do anything just It is allowing me to open the Demo Database.But I am unable to enter into Object Designer

to do some tasks.

Tell me the detail steps about how to overcome this problem

1 - The Demo licence does not allow you to create objects. I’m sure that a some time ago this was possible; You will need a partner or product specialist or customer licence that has the permissions built in that will allow you to create objects in a designated number range; for example 50000 to 50099 and I’m sure you can search for that information on this Forum. This number range is used so that upgrades can be applied to the standard object range.

2 - Create the database user on the SQL server before you create it in Navision.

How to get this partner or product specialist or customer license so that I can create objects

Please help me urgently.


How to get this partner or product specialist or customer licence so that I can able to create objects.

Please help me


Contact the partner that gave you the demo DVD.

I have downloaded Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2009 from MSDN website along with Microsoft Sql Server 2005.

I install this on my laptop.

can I use this software to add fields in the existing reports which is present in demo database

or Do I need to purchase Licence.

Please Explain me.


If you downloaded from MSDN, then you will have a Navision MSDN license, this allows you to create new objects. Please read the documentation on MSDN it tells you which license and which object numbers you can create. I think they are 1,234,567,890 thru 1,234,567,899 or something like that.