How to summarize static fields with code

Hi there, Is there a way to summarize static field values from a table with code? Thanks, Chino22

Could you please clarify what you mean by summarize? If you mean you want to create a report that runs through all records in a table and prints a summary of data, then by all means yes! (i.e., run through all the customers and then for each country print how many customer are from there …) -john

  1. You could create a loop to manually summarize the desired field in a defined variable. e.g. SomeFiltering; IF FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT Variable += field; UNTIL NEXT = 0; 2. If The field You wish to summarize, already is summarized in a flow-field in another table, you could define this table as a record-var, then set the desired filters, and finally use the CALCFIELD to calculate the sum. NOTE! The CalcFormula on the flow-field must be wide enough to contain the filtering you wish to use, otherwise You will have to combine my 2 suggestions. regards Alexander

… or maybe you could use the CALCSUMS method!?