How To store a string into Navision that is greater than 250 in length?

Hi all, I have some legacy data which I extracted from some system and turned them into XML. Now I want to stick the XML into the Navision DataBase. I have created a XMLport to do it, and it works!! However, inside the XML, there is a description element and the length of the description can range from between 10 to alot… At first I thought I can increase the Text field beyond 250… but I guess that’s the limit. I was thinking about sticking the text into a BLOB, but when I try typing stuff into a BLOB from a card form, it doesn’t allow me. I also see that Navision have a Extended Pad, and I was thinking about sticking data into that…but i couldn’t do it since I couldn’t figure out how to split the strings up and stick it into the extended pad… what’s makes my life more worst is I have to display the description in the Invoice, but I know the Invoice text field is only 250 in length… And I believe the XMLPort text field can temporary only hold 1024 characters only… so I don’t know how to deal with large size descriptions in the XML file… Can anyone help me please??


String variables can have a maximum length of 1024 chars. Text fields can have a maximum length of 256 chars. To store larger strings you must use BigText type. The only drawback of this type is that you can’t use directly in Forms. You must split those that BigText in to smaller strings using text functions.