how to stop posting if it is wrong posting date

Hi Experts,

I created a new item and I have received the item - 01/10/2010 ( MM/DD/YY) - Qty - 100.

Actual Posting date - 01/ 25/2010 on this date user is going to issue the material , but by mistake user entered - 01 /05 /2010 ( MM/DD/ YY) - qty - 50 and post .

system will reduce the qty on 01/05/2010.

but my issue is can i spot to issue the material if Actual Posting date < received posting date.

Please suggest me .

Probably the only way is to modify NAV, so when the system posts consumption and creates Item Application entry it would be possible to compare the date on the inbound Item Ledger Entry with the date on the outbound( I assume consumption type in this case) entry. Give the warning message if consumption date is before the receipt date.

This is more of a training issue. Train ur users to keep their eyes open while punching the data.

This issue reduces to negative stock, it was discussed recently: and

Main reason for not having it “out of box” - it’s difficult to handle in multiuser environment when stock approaches zero. Then, you should take into consideration availability by date, too, as in your case - currently stock is available, but wasn’t on the (errorenous) date saome time ago. And what to do with other possible orders already created for Item in question to be shipped later?

So, this is a rather complicated issue, even checking stock JUST before posting doesn’t guarantee that someone else posts a similar shipment 200 miliseconds before you. That for exist Reservation functionality, but if misused, can lead to full warehouse up to ceiling, but no sales, as every single Item is reserved for future sales…