How to stop population quantity and Unit price after selecting Item number in Purchase order line

Hi All,

I have requirement that When we create purchase order and add line and then if we select
item number from dropdown it s automatically populating the Quantity and Unit price.

My requirement is to stop that behavior and allow user to enter values , please suggest where can I override this?

Hi Haribabu, Pricing is derived a number of ways and is expected to default based on the rules your organization sets. i.e. Trade agreements for specific vendors, default prices for purchased items no matter the vendor, Purchase agreement/blanket pricing. If you don’t want the price to populate, you would either have to not populate those fields in the system or do a customization to override the standard logic.

This could prove tricky as changing the lines can initiate price changes as well, so you would have to review your Update order lines parameters to ensure no prices get changed when updating the PO:

Users can go and override these values, they don’t have to leave what autopopulates. However, I am curious as to the overall business process if you have the data in place to control the pricing, yet still want to override or nullify. It would seem to me that should be an exception. Or do the users just not understand how to update pricing, and the current defaults or no longer relevant?