how to stop delete the sales order header when deleting line items

Users complaining … it happend several times when deleting sales order line items the cursor is placed on sales order header and deleting the total sales order.

how to stop this and make sure when deleting sales line items then sales line items only have to delete not the sales order.



This is just user training.

The message is different, if you are in the header it asks if you will delete the lines, then the header. When in the lines it deletes just the line. How can you tell the system not to delete the sales order when the user is in the sales order and presses delete - what do you do when you actually want to delete the sales order? You also cannot just delete the header, this would leave orphaned in accessible lines. Train the users and educate them is my advice (assuming you have the confirm on delete set against the user).

right that is what i thought and will need to train users