How to split prod. orders


has someone an idea, how I can split an production order?

Define as next Operation 2 parallel operations (?), If correctr, but how to say; 100 pieces go to next operation 10 and 120 pieces go to next operation 20?


Hi Mike

What are you trying to achieve - your second line seems to be copied from a manual! The parallel is a setting on the routing, but I am not sure what your question really is!


sorry, no copy but reality. I think that this is not an unusal situation. I have two machine centers, which can perform the same functions. So sometimes the planner wants to split the lot, as described above. In the normal flow, the 240 items will be handled on machine center A, which is defined in the routing. This situation should be reflected in the capacity of the machine center, when he calculate the calendar.

From what you are describing this would need to be done on the production order. You could alter the concurrent capacities to affect the scheduling and insert a separate line to refelct the alternate work centre, however there is no clean way to do this on the fly. What you cannot do in Navision is split on the fly between concurrent workcentres. If your aim is to have the capacity reflected correctly I believe this can be achieved by manual alteration of teh route and the existing work centre capacities.