How to solve the error "Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client has Stopped Working"

Hi All,

I’m using the Navision 2017.

I faced this error after some changes in Sales Order(42). In the Home tab of the Sales Order Ribbon there have a action group “Liberer” and there have two action “Release and Reopen” But the Reopen action does not working properly that’s why I replace the Reopen action from the “Liberer Action Group” with the Reopen action from “Release Action Group” of Action tab of the Ribbon by using the Ribbon Customization.

After that I faced the error “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client has Stopped Working” when I try to Open Sales Order Card Page From the Sales Order List Page(This Page Open Normally).

Kindly Give some solution if you have…

Thanks for thinking about my query. I have solve this.

The following step what I attempt…

  1. At first I take a backup of Sales Order and Then Delete all the Action from Request Action page.

  2. Then try to open the sales order and It’s open as well.

  3. After that I import the sales order .fob file and Run. And my issue have been solve.

Hi Tarique,
Thanks for coming back with the solution, may help other users with same issue.

But even if what you post solves the issue, then did you first try just to re-compile the object?

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the response.
Yes, I applied this on the object and it’s successfully compiled and working properly.