How to skip the route card OR job card journal in production order


I have setup a simple Finished goods with BOM and Route in Ax2009. I able to use the BOM calculation to calculate the cost for the FG with include the material (from BOM) and the manufacturing cost (from Route).

When i create a production order, Ax will auto populate the softBOM and softRoute. I need to enter and post the RAF journal, Picking journal and Route card journal, then AX only allow me to END the production order.

Is there any setting where i can set to skip entering the route card journal or job card journal?

The purpose i setup the Route is for FG to calculate the BOM product costing and MRP capacity planning. Due to a lot of data entries in production order, how can we skip the route card entry. I can manage to reduce the data entry by using backflush from the RAF journal.

Now, Standard AX now allow me to skip, it will give error message that the “Total good qty RAF for production will be xx qty. Feedback from last operation is 0.00 in total.”

Kindly advice & thanks in advance.



I would suggest a few options:

  1. Auto-flush the routing

  2. Create the order without a route

  3. Select the accept error flag on the RAF posting.

These however are not real solutions unless you understand the parameters and settings at each stage you cannot make a judgement on what the system is doing and why.