How to skip records with value "0"

I want to create a repport which builds on a small range of fields in the table. Therfore half of the records haven’t a value in theese fields but “0” How do I skip theese lines in the repport? Regards Karl

Karl, Try SHOWOUTPUT(FALSE). Simple example: IF MyTable.MyInteger = 0 THEN BEGIN CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(FALSE); END ELSE BEGIN CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(FALSE); END; Use in OnPreSection() trigger of report. See also SKIP. Bill

You could also set a standard filter in the DataItemTableView of the respective dataitem, something like “SORTING(Nº mov.) WHERE(Closed by nr=FILTER(<>0))” (don’t worry, there exists an assiste button to build this string). On the other hand, you can include a SKIP statement in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of the dataitem, it’s simply IF MyInteger = 0 then CurrReport.SKIP; The filter will definitly be the fastest solution regarding report performance. Saludos Nils

hi I so agrew with Nils Michaelis method is faster regarding performance. Hari[:I]