How to skip a description line during order entry?

I’m looking for a solution to the following problem. An order has 3 orderlines. line 1 and 3 are itemlines, line 2 is a description. After editing line 1, I would like to skip to the 3th line. Using a get(doc.type,orderno.,lineno.) or a Rec:=Rec2 only half do the trick. After these operations, I receive the message “Do you want to rename the record”. Even when I use a update(true) or saverecord before this operation, I receive this message. An Update(false) almost does the trick, but the last fieldinput isn’t saved and the complete subform scroll’s a line up. How can I avoid this message, and jump to a “random” line no. in my order. What I’m actualy looking for is the functionality that is used to move the cursor one line up or down in the subform.

I once did something similar, it took me some time to get it right. I’m sorry I do not have the full code handy but all I remember is that at the end of my code I had to do that: CurrForm.SAVERECORD; COMMIT; SELECTLATESTVERSION; CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE); // Not sure about this one!! Give it a try ######

Thanks for your reply, I think i’ve resolved this problem but with a slight difference. on the subform i’ve added on the editable fields: OnAfterValidate() CurrForm.SAVERECORD; After finding the next record in my function (On the Subform) i’ve added Record.GET(“Doc.Type”,“Orderno.”,“New Lineno.”); Rec:=Record; CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE); Still, when skipping from then 1st to the 3th line, the active record line 3 is scrolled to the position of the 1st line. I can live with that. Hope the customer can to.