how to show the fields of a table in a vertical column??

Hi all

I need to show certain fields of a table in a vertical column so that the users can enter the values correspondingly in a column. I mean, any new record inserted would be in the column instead of the row.

somewhat like this:

field1 value1 value2
field2 value1 value2
field3 value1 value2
field4 value1 value2

I am using dynamics nav 5.0.

Please help!!

I have done this quite some times already.

One of the available options you have - and the one which I prefer is:

  • Create a new table to hold your Field/Value pairs.
  • Create a new list form to show your field/value pairs (make the field column noneditable)
  • Fill a temporary record variable with the field/value pairs.
  • Run your list form with the temporary variable as parameter
  • Either in the OnModify trigger of the form or in the OnValidate trigger of the value column write back the changed value to your original record