How to show single line for multiple entries in report

I need a help

I am writing a report using Detailed tax entry as data item here in this table it has multiple lines for one document number.

I want to show them in report as single line number by adding the amount based on document number

Using Grouping with Doc. No.

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Hi Seshnarayan,

In the report ,

Sort the dataitem “Detailed tax Entry” by document No., group it by “Document No.” ,use totalfields property to calclate the sum of amount field

Now display the doc No. and Amount in the Group footer.

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OOps already answered by Mohana…

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Thnaks for your reply but

What i need his i dont want to group by document number what i want is just like sales register one line one document

That’s what grouping is for. You should follow the responses above and if they do not make sense search the forum for more examples of how to group with reports.

Yip, basically Grouping is the solution.
But you should delete the BODY section for your lines and just remain the GroupFooter section - or place the following code in the “OnPreDataItem” trigger of the body section: