How to Show record in report based on text


Microsoft || Dynamics AX || Version 2009 ||

I want to show above text in report in below format based on || symbol. If there is || symbol then I want to print in next line/


Dynamics AX

Version 2009

If anyone have any idea then please let me know.

The easiest option is just to replace “||” with “\n”, e.g.:

strReplace('Microsoft || Dynamics AX || Version 2009', ' || ', '\n');

Hi Parag,

use strReplace u wil easily get.

Syntex :- str strReplace(str _str, str _fromStr , str _toStr)

starting first character subtring in _str equal to _fromStr will be replace with _toStr.

here u can replace ‘||’ by ‘\n’.


Thanks Martin & Ravi for help :slight_smile: