how to show QR Code in Reports Nav 2016


i want to display QR code in Report NAV 2016 , please give me some idea…

You could display them as images (blob).

Hi Akkrahul,

My I suggest [mention:e335afebc17e4d1c96cbdaec0e8f8d6c:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]'s blog post:


It has the “full” solution incl. source code.

we can also use this link for qr code ,for Nav 2016 -variable IBarcodeProvider (’Microsoft Dynamics Nav MX Services’.IBarCodeProvider”) datatype should be instead of Automation we can use Dotnet Datatype.

Well yes, if you like to use an outdated method. If you read it then its for the pre-2016 versions. Some of the providers are no longer in the code.