How to Show all fields in the Packing Slip Inquiries?

Hi to all!

How can I show all fields in the Packing Slip Inquiry if the user accidentally hide the tabs?

If i haven’t closed the form yet after hiding, i can still show it all (command → show all).

Once i closed the form and open it again ( PO details → Inquiries → Packing Slip) I couldn’t expand the form. i cannot see the command in the toolbar.

How can I show all fields or how can i expand the form?

Thank you.



Welcome to DUG :slight_smile:

Did you try deleting the usage data (under Tools > Options > Usage data) just for this form? Hint - once you go to usage data form, look under ‘Form setup’ tab.

Still you should be able to see ‘Show all’ button.Anyways perform following steps-

Right click on form->Show->Show all