How to shift from NAV 2009 to NAV 2016?

Hii everyone,

I took training on NAV 2009, completed a project. Now, when I am looking to develop on NAV 2016, I am facing difficulties about this “Role Center” thing.

Thanks & Regards

Saurav Dey

Hi Saurav,
Except that you now have page objects and reports are done differently, then fundamentally not much changed.
But exactly what is your question?

Hi Erik,
My question is from where can I get information/tutorial of NAV 2016?

I got an assignment that have to be done in NAV 2016. I know how NAV 2009 works but NAV 2016 looks quite different.


Hi again,

Well try to start on Youtube, there you’ll find a lot of great example on almost everything in NAV.

Specifically about the changes between the old classic versions and the RTC versions, then that was basically covered with version 2009.

But youtube have lots more there. If you’re more traditional, then go to Amazon, they also have tons of books on learning NAV.

Thanks Erik.

You’re welcome. Love to help if you have some more “specific” problems or questions! [:)]