How to setup user event logging for Process Mining purposes?

Hi all,

First, it’s good to say that I’m not really a Dynamics user. In fact, I have no knowledge of Dynamics at all.

I’m currently writing my bachelor’s thesis of Business IT & Management. The subject of my thesis is Process Mining. (For those who don’t know Process Mining yet, see…/Process_mining. It’s a data-analysis technique which creates process workflows based on event-log data).

Process Mining uses user event-log data to create these workflows, to determine process performance, deviations from the default path and segregation of duties. It uses at least three mandatory rows properties which need to be identified from the event log, within the Process Mining software. These mandatory properties are Case ID, Timestamp and Activity name along with the optional property Resource name/ID.

The company where I’m writing my thesis for, uses Dynamics NAV 2009. I’ve asked for user event logs for the business processes purchase and sales, but they say they haven’t got that data available.

They gave me a list of Change Log settings, which shows only a few fields are being logged.

Does any of you know how to setup logging so that all user events are being logged for business process Purchase and Sales? Or is there a simple checkbox which enables user activity logging?

Thanks in advance, if you need more information, please ask!

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There is nothing within the application for this. I was once asked about user event log data some 5 years ago on version 4. Came up with a proposed developed solution but it never went any further.

Yes Dynamics Nav has a change log for any table changes and source codes to identify types of transactions / processes. But these are all based around posted transactions so this ignores unposted / the creation process. For a view of posted processes have a look at the registers in Nav (found under History).

Not a sql expert so there may be something you can do in sql though I was assured there was’nt 5 years ago.



First, thank you for your quick response. Much appreciated.

Unfortunately, I’m not completely getting what you mean. Maybe because my native language isn’t English, sorry for that.

The change log you are talking about: isn’t there a possibility to identify a Case ID, Timestamp and Activity name?

For example: If the change log shows when (timestamp) the field was changed, who (username/userid/full name) changed it and the order/case number it relates to (input of the field), that should be enough. I guess…

Could you perhaps share a link/image to an NAV 2009 change log example? Maybe it will be more clear to me if I know how the change log actually looks like.

Thanks again, Neil!


Please don’t apologise for being able to speak at least 2 languages. I am ashamed to say I only speak one - English - unless we are counting Nav speak! [:)]

The change log has a date and time stamp. It records (if configured by the user) the changes to any field by including the before and after. It records the user id of the person making the change. The table reference is also noted as well as the field reference so, in theory, you could identify the process / activity by the table changed. I suppose. As an example, if you create a new customer or modify and existing customer, this will be recorded in the change log and will be by definition customer record maintenance. Same goes for sales orders - if you create then the creation of the order will be recorded in the change log and any changes made to it. So as this is a specific table in Nav, you could interpret this as ‘Create Sales Order’ process.

This assumes Nav has been configured to record this changes by a Nav user. Usually part of initial configuration. The downside to change log is that you end up with lots of data recording changes to each field - if you have configured it that way. But it is a very powerful tool to tracking changes expecially against master files like customer records, vendor records etc.

Attached is a 2009 example from the demo database.

Does this make sense? May have drifted into Nav speak.

forum query re change log 190315_xlsx.pdf (548 KB)

Well, Neil, this is almost exactly what I meant.

It isn’t a real event log, because the events aren’t viewed, but a change log with timestamp, actor, before and after state, order number, is almost the same and very valuable to my research.

So now I have to setup the change log so that the Purchase and Sales processes are being logged in the future, which makes me able to apply Process Mining on it.

Thank you very, very much. I know where to find you if I got more questions about Dynamics in the future :wink:



No problem. Glad to help.