How to setup unique document no. checking to payment journal?


Our user reported that NAV 2009 allow duplicated document no entered to payment journal which is not security for them since they use cheque number to be the document no so that each payment should cover to 1 customer only. Any idea?

I’ve tried to setup a number series to the payment batch, but it does not allow to skip some document no (sometimes we may void a cheque so that the no would not be used anymore)


you are right that you used journal batch name and the number series functionality. in addition, it also allows to skip some document number, but i think it is somewhat tedious since you have to go to the number series everytime you want to skip a certain series by inputting/editing the last number used, where you need to enter the number prior to the number you intend to use.

would the option of using the external document number for the cheque number be feasible and possible on your business process?

Hi Morris, the problem is that we have to let NAV to check unique document no (i.e. the cheque no).