How to setup the lose of shipping cost on a returned item


I have next situation in a B2C relation. A customer orders a product (an item from stock). On the sales order lines I add two ‘service’ items for shipping and one supplemental cost (in AX you can define this through misc. charges, but that is not done in our situation) for sales orders smaller than a certain amount. The customer does not like the item, and returns it. So I create an RMA. I select the item from stock and I do not select the service items since I believe (I was told) that would reverse the revenue. The costs for shipping are made however, and for supplemental costs also. Is it possible to define in the item group how the reverse booking should take place so that I can add those through the RMA procedure or add them manually but with negative quantity or negative amount? The customer needs to receive all money back, so I have to ‘consume’ the costs in my P/L. I would like to see this lose in my balance list. The easiest way whould be adding a complete sales order to the RMA and then on item arrival and accepting the return, the complete invoice would be reversed to the customer.

Other option is to add Service items and add them to an Item group with different accounts. The negative values on the sales order line for the returned order are then booked on this account and the balance list will show the result on a different account number as well.

Any suggestion on how to approach this best would be nice. I think the first would fix if reverse bookings (consumption in setup of item group?) is best.