how to setting vat at adjust exchange rate

hello everybody,

i want ask about adjust exchange rate, when do adjust exchange rate at my currency on august, the vat g/l account had been added to my currencies , i see and check its on general ledger entries , why ?, but from month before august like july, jun… aren’t added ?, i think it weird ?, i want that tax not included when do adjust exchange rate at my currency, please advise. thank you everybody.

Not quite sure what your question is and what you mean by “vat g/l account had been added to your currencies”.

Currency exchange rate adjustments are not related to VAT calculations.

Exchange rate adjustments are calculated based on OPEN currency entries, like for customers, vendors and bank accounts.

Example: you owe 100 USD to a vendor. When you posted this vendor invoice, then the LCY amount is posted to your GL, based upon the exchange rate of the date of posting. If the 100 USD included VAT, then your adjustment will also adjust the VAT part of the open invoice (if it had VAT).

So where did the VAT G/L account come in here? [:)]

This picture may be can help to explain, the mark is vat that not use , but why it show after do adjust exchange rate at my currency. i saw it when open general ledger entries, please advise