How to set up miscellaneous charges for the Item when posting movement journal

How to set up miscellaneous charges for the Item when posting movement journal…?


in which document you want to put a charge ?

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As far as I know the Auto charges will be applicable in case of Vendor/Customer involvement with the Item. We don’t have provision to add them into movement journal. Could you tell me the scenario as why this is required here?

Movement Journal:

When you use the inventory movement journal, you can add cost to an item when you move the inventory. You would have to allocate the additional cost to a particular general ledger account manually in this case (i.e. not as per the predefined posting profile). This use of journal is;

  • To bring in opening balances
  • To post additional cost to an offset account different (manually selection) other than the posting profile
  • To intake (increase) or outtake (decrease) the inventory quantity
  • To add cost to an item when you move the inventory.

Movement Journal Posting:

How to add the packing and labour chargers for the item to post the journal …?

Include those additional costs in the journal itself.

how to include the those cost…?any code for that include cost.?

The movement journal essentially reclassifies a dimension, it is a bin movement. The transfer order in the indian localization has the ability to add misc. charges, not the journal. Have a look at that, but you would need a strong business case to make the investment to generate code to make the change in my opinion.

what is the transaction that you are trying to book through movement journals?

is it a receipt/Issue?

Assuming that you are booking receipt and wanted to add misc charges. As that’s not a straight fit, I would suggest you to think of using PO functionality but you can have a new vendor created for this kind of “Receipts”. Through PO you can add your Misc charges.

So, In future, if you again wanted to book the inventory receipt with Misc charges, instead of using movement journals, you can use this vendor.

You may also need to link that vendor to an appropriate account in the posting profile. This is just a thought and never tried, so, try this in test.

Dear Madhan,

while using Movement journal check general tab and select charges on cost.\

this will solve your problem of all the additional charges applying on items.

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Thanks Husain

But am post the movement journal using x++ code…

how post charges via code.?

Dear Madhan,

check the below mentioned area and add that in ur code.


this the field where you have to apply that charges but you cannot have multiple charges.