How to set permission on form control (Edit method) Dynamics AX 2012


I have to setup some permission on a form control. In Dynamics AX 2012 R3, we have Human Resource- >Worker → Expense management → Credit card. In this form I have added one control which is an edit method.

I want to restrict some of the specific users not able to see this newly added control on the form. They should be able to see the form but should not be able to see the new control. The control is not a table field but an edit method.

How Can I restrict the users on this control ?

check out the NeededPermission property

you can also check this link for help :

to restrict for specific users or show only specific users you can add these users to any user group and in the form initialization you can user visible property of that control to hide it.

don’t forget to set yes in autodeclaration property of that control