How to set permission for object designer?

I am using the SUPER role database login. However, while I try to use Object Designer to modify a form, it shows that “You do not have permission to read the ‘XXXXXX’ Form.”

Would anyone know how to set it?

Hi Koala,

It’s probably down to your license. You will need a development (partner) license to modify standard forms.

Which Form do you want to edit and what sort of licence are you using?

End-user licences need the Form Designer granule.

It may be a Demo version as the following:

Microsoft Software License Information
Copyright (C) 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved

License number : W1-ZA-000-A6MZ9-W
Licensed to : CRONUS International Ltd.
John Roberts
5 The Ring
W2 8HG London
World Wide 1

Granule ID Name Amount Expires

540 Demonstration Basic Granule 1
1,100 Company 2
1,200 Session 2
1,310 Database Expansion per 1 MB 100
1,370 Database Expansion per 1 GB 1
1,520 Server - Windows NT (Intel) 1
1,700 C/ODBC 1
1,800 C/FRONT 1
1,960 Test Integration 1
2,010 Server - Microsoft SQL Server Option 1
2,105 Allow new versions 1
4,900 Application Wide - Multiple System Langua 1


What is the form number you are trying to run ? probably it gives us proper idea to investigate.