How to Set Page Field and Caption To be Bold in Navision 2013 R2


I Have a Issue In my page OrderId Field is there,and i want to set as Bold

and I set as Style Strong So Field Display as Bold,But I Want to Display Caption as Bold

and i am already set style as Strong…But it not displayed as bold

Pls…Suggest me.


Akil Reddy.

Do you mean data of field or field itself?

if field then it is not possible as far as I know

Hi Mohana,

Thanks For Your Reply, I want Field To be Bold


Akil Reddy

And also I have a Doubt How It is worked in 09R2 [:)]

Was it possible in NAV2009R2 RTC Pages?

Sorry Mohana

It’s Works only On Form…

hi ramesh,

to change the style of captions on pages is not possible. you can only change the style of the field values.

the rtc layout is created automatically (according the groups and fields) and has a focus on function and uniformity and not on styling like the old forms.