How to set mandatory for inventory dimensions as in purch and sales table?

Hi All,

How to set mandatory for the inventory dimensions of each item id as in purchtable and salestable form?


Kuppusamy S

Hi Kuppusamy,

In the Item Master – general tab – Dimension group - goto main table of the dimension group – there for the particular dimension group you need to mark the mandatory check box over there…

Make this setup then those dimenison are mandatory for the particular item…

Naresh Kolli

Hi Naresh,

Actually I have to set the inventory dimensions mandatory for a item in a form which I developed. It is just like when you open the purchtable form and adding a new item in purchline, inventory dimensions are need to be filled for that particular item. I have to developa s such in my form. How can it be done?


Kuppusamy S

For that you need to check what are all the dimensions activated for the selected Item.

Refer colorActive() method in the InventTable.

Based on that you need to make the dimensions in your form active and mandatory.

Look into InventTable Form - setItemDimEnabled method for more understanding…