how to set machine maintenance planning and define the maintenance

Dear All,

I am currently facing a problem whether I need to customize or using the available granule or module or table in the maintenance planning schedulled in a company. I would like to ask you about how to set machine maintenance planning in Navision and define the maintenance schedule, technician, tools and costs in Navision. I would welcome to your answers. Tks beforehand



What version of Navision are you running?

We (on 3.7) had an addon from, it had all we needed. Basically you set up a Maintenance order template defining what is to be done by whom and with what and how long it show take. You then create orders from them, release them to the engineer and then finish them once completed (posting time and parts used). It follows very much the production order process.

I beleive you do need the manufacting and capacity planning modules.


Is the maintenance for internal use for the business running Navision, or is this a service to be provided and charged for?

If it is the latter look at the Service Management module, you can set up service contracts for this sort of thing where you can define all you have asked for, but that is a broad answer for a broad question [:)]

Tks for your reply and also for kdm. the maintenance is for manufacturing company, they produce food product for example bakery. So, I skip service contract as you’ve answered.



Dear kdm,

It’s nice to know your company and actually I have add-on katalog and have explored your website and download some of features, I thank you for your reply. I will inform you through e-mail if it’s possible for me to sell it but I won’t tell beforehand after succeeding in sale. As about mfg and capacity planning modules, it is very important but depends on how the company wants their maintenance planning and system arranged. If they want to control their maintenance costs, I am sure your add-on can be one of solution I will offer, but if they want the available in Navision, although there are many benefit can gain from your add on, I can’t proceed your add-on.



Mr GM,

I am not selling it, we actually bought it [:O]. We also work in food manufacturing and there is a requirement from our customers to review our maintenance schedules. We bought the add-in to replace an existing independant system designed for the purpose. We wanted to on Navision so all the purchase orders and stock control was in one place. It was also cheaper than upgrading the existing system.

We did need to make some modifications but Olivia provided assistance in that regard. If you want to go ahead or ask any questions they would best be directed at them.


Hi kdm,

Tks for your info, I thought you are working in olivia, butat least now, I have known that the company has customer in food manufacturing and at least I know that navision can also be implemented in food manufacturing, do you have any e-mail or YM that I can contact you personally but I won’t bother you by sending spam e-mail or unuseful e-mail…?