How to set background color of SSRS Report matrix field based on ranges stored in another table.


I have a SSRS report in AX 2012 R3.
In report I have used matrix to print data on the basis of date.

Their is a total field in the matrix having sum total of every column.

I need to set background color to that total fields on the basis of ranges (with color) defined in another table.
e.g. if my value in total field is 60, then from the records mentioned in ranges table, it will pick the appropriate color on the basis of record fetched.
Currently using expressions I am able to pick only first or last record.
but is there any way I can make a check through all the records present in the table and select the appropriate color.

10 10 20
10 30 10
10 20 20
Total 30 60 50

Please tell is there any solution in SSRS expression.