How to seperate the presentation logic from business logic in report in Axapta??

Hi there…

I want to create a report which have different layout in design than in Axapta. I dont want to customized the report in Axapta.

Please suggest me the better way to do that.

Can I send the data of the report in xml format to external reporting application, where we can decide the layout of the report??

I dont have any idea about the reporting services in Axapta 4.0. Can i do that in Axapta using Reporting services.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Please check our website,, we have a solution which enables you to customize the design of the reports from Axapta and distribute them to mulitple channels. You do not need to customize AX we take the standard report and give you the tools to design the layout and distribute via fax, email, print or archive!

Hope this helps!