How to send Message Alert and Mail from Navision

Hi All,

Can any one share the idea how to generate the alert and Message in Mail from Navision for a particular user .

Currently using Navision 2009 SP1( RTC).

Thanks in advance.


You can user Codeunit 400 SMTP Mail to send email from NAV & 440 Approvals Mgt Notification for code reference.

Hi Manish,

Thanks for the reply, actully iam first time doing this as you have mention that i need to use 400 & 440 codeunit for this, can you have any document regarding this, which describe the whole flow , form start to end.



here some options:

Notify Nav

Open Default Mail Client

Send Mail with Attachment

Hi Shailesh,

How do you want send a mail ? through outlook integration or using SMTP.



Hi Faa,

I want to send mail through SMTP.

Hi Savatage,

Thanks for the link provided, i will gone through this and get back to forum.