How to send email alert when data is updated

When the data in the form is changed or added new data. How to send the email alert to the relevant user about what data have been updated or new inserted. Please give me an idea, a sample coding would be great. Thanks vjet

Hi, Use codeunit Mail(ID-397) to send the mail when data changed.

why don’t you keep a log and send the data only using periodic activities?? if it’s a table that havs to be changed a lot will cause a lot of spam. Regards,

In the OnModify trigger you could use something like this: OnModify() IF NOT cuMail.NewMessage(‘’,’’,STRSUBSTNO(‘Data Modified in table %1’, TABLENAME), ‘’,’’,FALSE) THEN ERROR(‘Unable to send’);

Thanks you for any comments vjet

If its any help, we work with a super piece of software called Orbis alerts that send email or SMS alerts based upon a set of rules that you set up in the software. Its really good, and allows the end user to set-up and modify their own alerts without the need of a developer / solution centre. Their web site is:

Thanks for your help