How to send a document link to email through Navis

Hi all, I am able to create a hyperlink and send the same to email. The following is lines are sent to the mail - navision://client/run?servername=%26company=CRONUS%26Purch%26Limit%26target=Form%2050%26view=SORTING(Field1,Field3)%26position=Field1=0(1),Field3=0(106014)%26servertype=Navision There is no hyperlink created to these lines and also i am not able to open the order directly through this link. Please do let me know where i am doing some mistake. Regards, Vijay

Hi, You must use < before and > after the url. Like this: ltxtURLinEmail := '<' + ltxtURL + '>';

Hi, I am not able to get the same as suggested by you. I am getting the output as - navision://client/run?servername=%26company=CRONUS%26Purch%26Limit%26target=Form%2050%26view=SORTING(Field1,Field3)%26position=Field1=0(1),Field 3=0(106014)%26servertype=NAVISION After %26tar there are 2 spaces coming up. I am not sure how that is happening. Also i am not getting the hyperlink. Thanx in advance.

Hi, use the following code and it works …I found it on Mibuso FileName := ‘c:\PurchaseLimit.htm’; IF EXISTS(FileName) THEN ERASE(FileName); HFile.TEXTMODE(TRUE); HFile.CREATE(FileName); HFile.WRITE(‘Purchase Limit URL File Navision’); HFile.WRITE(’<FRAME frameBorder=NO name=menu noResize’); HFile.WRITE(‘scrolling=no src=’); HFile.WRITE(’"’+EmbeddedLink+’"’); HFile.WRITE(’>’); HFile.CLOSE; Regards, Vijay

Ok. That’s a solution I didn’t knew. So you now add PurchaseLimit.htm as attachment in your email? If it works, it’s fine. [;)] Thanks for your feedback!