How to sell add-ons

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As a Navision Service Provider are you allowed to sell add-on product to other NSCs ?

First let’s raise another question: What is an add-on? Not every logical set of NF objects which together fulfill a certain purpose are add-ons in the sense Navision defines! Providing an NSC has created a couple of modules which they think might be useful for other NSC’s and Customers. How do they proceed?- They send the objects together with a business plan, pricelist, documentation and application form to their national Navision HQ for a review and apply for having this module(s) registered as add-on

  • NTR checks the package. If they are satisfied they send it to DK for a second review.
  • Providing that there are no other similar add-ons already on the market and the package fulfills the basic requirements for add-ons, NDK will issue the required object-numbers (in 3 Mio range) and send you a special license (.flf) which gives you (and only you) the possibility to modify objects in this range.
    Once you renumbered your original objects to the new range, you have an add-on which only you can modify. Navision will on a annual basis send you a list of all customers worldwide who licensed your object range. Therefore giving you the chance to verify that every customer who’s using your add-on paied for it. Add-on policy states that no two similar add-ons can be placed on the market. This answeres your original question. The answer is NO! As NSP you are not allowed to sell add-ons or any kind of navision objects to Users. Only an NSC can do that. Therefore you need one (exactly one) NSC who distributes your add-on. So you can only sell it once. However, if you define a add-on as a logical set of NF objects which belong together and fulfill a specific purpose, you can sell them to as many NSC’s you want. However be aware that the objects can be modified, resold, copied by the NSC’s and you have no track who is using them or protection in any way. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian